ALL SET gw18

If you’re new to the site, “ALL SET” is a regular weekly post that looks at the weekend to come. It will usually be posted on a Friday but as I’m away this weekend I’m getting it out early.

My Team

Dawson, Nyom, Van Dijk
Mahrez, Mane, Cabaye, De Bruyne
Lukaku, Kane (C), Vardy

Overall points: 867
Overall rank: 401
Transfers remaining: 23/40
Money in the bank: 0.5mil

I’m not expecting a great week, I’ll be very happy if I can maintain my rank. I have gone a few weeks without making a transfer and it shows, the team is in need of a refresh particularly in midfield.

Klopp’s new look Liverpool are looking very strong at the moment with a trouncing of Southampton in the League Cup last night. They also have some juicy fixtures on the horizon and I don’t want to miss out on them dishing out some drubbings over the next few weeks. The problem is that there are so many Liverpool options and picking one seems a bit of a lottery. That said, if I get confirmation Coutinho is fit in tomorrow’s press conference, then I may bring him in. Sturridge also caught my eye yesterday and jumps onto my Watchlist.

If I go for Coutinho it will be a double transfer with my pick of the week in exchange for Mane and Cabaye. I’ll be hoping Mane can give me a parting gift as Southampton play host to Villa on Saturday. This strategy will also give me a captaincy option for Liverpool’s Game Week 20 clash with Watford.


Coutinho, Alli, Sturridge, Aguero, Silva, Ozil, Hazard

Many of you will question Hazard’s inclusion here, but he was considered essential at the start of the season and he’s definitely one to watch over the coming weeks as Chelsea look to regain some form and have the fixtures to do it.

Captaincy Strategy

I’m locked into Kane for their trip to West Brom, hopefully Spurs can deliver against a good Pulis defence. I then plan to switch the captaincy to Lukaku for Monday’s match against Crystal Palace. This works out well as Everton travel to Norwich the following Saturday. If you haven’t seen it already, you can also check out my Christmas captaincy guide here.

Blog updates

The site has received 1,000 views and counting in less than a week! Thanks for all the support, hopefully we can slowly build the community over the coming months.

New captaincy Poll. It looks like many of you have the same captaincy strategy as me this week with Kane and Lukaku currently leading the new poll (see right hand side of screen, or bottom if you’re on a tablet/ phone).

Email sign up. If you don’t use twitter, you can now sign up to receive new post updates via email (see right hand side of screen, or bottom if you’re on a tablet/ phone)

Enjoy the weekend

As I’m away this weekend, I won’t be making any new posts until Monday/Tuesday, but please feel free to use the comments to discuss all things Sky FF and good luck for the weekend!



3 thoughts on “ALL SET gw18

  1. Andrew Paterson December 6, 2015 / 11:03 am

    A better weekend for me, or at least a better Saturday. Best score in our mini league so some ground gained although that’s likely to change come Monday.

    Gambled on Giroud with the captaincy having transferred him for Sanchez so you can imagine my delight as he scored an OG and destroyed my anticipated Cech clean sheet bonus! Redeemed himself slightly later though.

    Other gamble was the reintroduction of Hazard for Toure. Had a feeling he was set for some kind of Renaissance and when Mourinho put him upfront well…. But he was honking, Chelsea were honking and laughably as I attempted to cash out and get a meagre sum back on my coupon they conceded and that was that. Hazard’s time will hopefully still yet come.


    • Will aka The Sky Guru December 6, 2015 / 4:09 pm

      Sounds like you had a bit of a rolacoaster with Giroud! I like the Hazard punt, think it could come good over the next few.

      My game week doesn’t look like going well. Opted not to get Alli in because Coutinho wasn’t fit, although I almost plumped for Sturridge so at least I dodged a bullet there (well so far as he’s on the bench). Hoping Lukaku can do some damage tomorrow, although I think quite a few will have him as captain.


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