The Watchlist

I’m in the process of creating a new Sky Watchlist. The aim of the Watchlist is to see the best players in each position when you’re looking to make a trade. To kick it off, I thought it would be good to get some community participation!

Voting for players

The idea of a Watchlist is not to simply list the players with the highest overall points, or the players that are in your team but rather to PREDICT which players will score the best over the coming weeks. When considering players, please take into account:

  1. Fixtures. Its no surprise that teams (and players!) perform better when they have an easy set of fixtures on the horizon.
  2. Form. Pick those players who are on a hot streak!
  3. Price. The cheaper the better, as it allows you to get in those more expensive players.

Let the voting commence!





I’ll aim to get the Watchlist live on Friday, with your selections. If there are any players who you think should be in the poll that I haven’t included, please comment below.




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