Pick of the week gw20

Each week I’ll be doing a quick post on 1 player that I’m considering bringing into my team, and give a brief breakdown of why I think they are a good pick.

So far, I have had 100% success rate with my picks. Alli delivered a goal and Ramsey brought home a goal and a clean sweep of bonus and MOTM awards. This week I’m looking to make it a hat-trick, with a slightly more conventional pick.

Sergio Aguero

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that I like to have a settled team and use my transfers for captaincy strategy, this week is no exception. Reports this morning indicate that Aguero is back in full training ahead of City’s trip to north london and I’m tempted to buy a ticket for the ride.

Those of you who brought in the diminutive Argentine a few weeks ago probably think I’m crazy for considering him. However, Aguero’s numbers are outrageous, having a shot on target every 40 minutes – greater than the likes of Vardy (53), Kane (54) and Lukaku (66). His minutes per goal (98), goal attempts in the box (25) and touches in the penalty area (11) are also superior to Lukaku, Kane and Vardy’s.

But no one has doubted Aguero’s goal getting ability the year, the big question is whether his glass body can withstand the rigors of the Premier League. With the heavy Christmas schedule around the corner is it worth taking the risk?

I’m currently undecided. Aguero is the best player in the game but bringing him in is a big gamble and one that I probably don’t need to take. If I take the risk, he will be my captain for Mondays encounter with Arsenal. Although the game I really want him for is the following Saturday, as a shaky looking Sunderland defence rolls up to the Etihad.

Silva and Arsenal options

The slightly safer route in the city attack (although not by much) is David Silva. His silky smooth skills offer assist, passing bonus and MOTM potential. He is a great player to own in Sky – I almost made this article about him.

The other route is opting for an Arsenal player and, as I already own Ramsey, the obvious one here is Ozil as he continues to churn out the assists. Giroud is another possible route as he looks in form and is on penalties. The benefit of going with an Arsenal player for Monday’s encounter at The Emirates is that they are in place as captain for the following 2 game days including a juicy home encounter with Bournemouth on the 28th, although that is if Wenger decides not to rotate.

The problem is that none of these options excite me as captain; they are never going to bang in 5 goals like Sergio can. Who would you go for?

This is likely to be a last minute decision when I see the line up on Monday. If Aguero starts, it will be difficult for me to resist the temptation.

Blog updates

I was planning to make a regular weekly article that updated the Watchlist, but I don’t think I’m going to have the time most weeks. If there is anyone out there who would be interested in making a weekly post such as a Watchlist update (it could be something else?) send me a private email (will.ebt@gmail.com).

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Lastly, who is your pick of the week? Let me know in the comments!



7 thoughts on “Pick of the week gw20

  1. ianp1970 December 16, 2015 / 10:46 pm

    A week late maybe, but Ramsey for me!

    If Aguero is selected on Monday night, he will likely become my second transfer of the week…


  2. Dave December 17, 2015 / 6:06 am

    Really good score this week for you. Wow 82nd, you must be close to the top 5 in the world realistically.

    This is my first year doing Sky, i would love to start again but I’m doing better lately around 3k but with only 16 transfers left

    I was worried that Mahrez would be captained by everyone but there weren’t many who did it. I only fell 600 places after the Leicester game and I don’t have Vardy.

    I can’t believe you’re going without Lukaku, but the Ramsey move worked out well


  3. Will aka The Sky Guru December 17, 2015 / 9:30 am

    Top 5 is the dream, although highly unlikely, I’m already over 100 points behind. Although maybe they have spent most of their transfers.

    3k in your first season is brilliant! 16 transfers left is plenty, I’m going through mine at quite a rate at the moment, so don’t follow me!


  4. Dan steward December 17, 2015 / 11:10 pm

    Random question… When do you get to create a new team?


    • Will aka The Sky Guru December 18, 2015 / 9:42 am

      Not sure I follow. You get two teams at the start of the year.. you cant create a new one until the following season?


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