Weekend Review gw20

Good scores from Mahrez, Vardy, Alli and Kane left me feeling smug on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, my smugness and my brief time in the top 100 were short lived as a disappointing performance from Liverpool and Coutinho was followed by a Sergio Aguero blank.

My Team

Dawson, Nyom, Van Dijk
Mahrez, De Bruyne, Ramsey, Alli,
Kane, Vardy, Aguero (C)

Week points: 82
Overall points: 1150
Overall rank: 103
Transfers remaining: 19/40
Money in the bank: 1.9mil

After much deliberation over the weekend, I rolled the dice on Sergio Aguero and brought him in as captain for Coutinho. In hindsight, Ozil looked the man to go for. However the main reason for bringing in the Argentine was for the boxing day encounter with Sunderland, so I am hopeful he can produce the goods at the weekend.

Although I am happy with my team overall, the continued good performances of Ighalo and Ozil are hurting my rank. Im reluctant to bring the pair in given Ighalo’s poor fixtures (although that doesn’t seem to be stopping him) and Ozil’s threat of rotation over a busy Christmas schedule. Lukaku is another one I want, although he may make a reappearance in my team next week.

SFFF League

Cian McKenna, produced the highest score of the week with an impressive 96 as he rises to 11th in our league. If you’re yet to join, you can sign up here

Facebook group

If you haven’t already, you can also join our new Facebook group here. With over 30 members, we are having some great Sky discussions.

Let me know how your weekend went in the comments below


6 thoughts on “Weekend Review gw20

  1. ianp1970 December 22, 2015 / 7:15 pm

    89 points this week 🙂

    Hennessey 1

    Cathcart 7
    Souare 1
    Nyom 7

    Ramsey (c) 4
    Ozil 13
    Mahrez 17
    de Bruyne 2

    Aguero 2
    Lukaku 7
    Kane 24

    0 ITB & 23 Transfers

    Locked into Ramsey (c) for sot & BOU for 26th/28th, then on 29th/2nd either Mahrez MNC & BOU or Aguero lei & wat.

    Thinking then of Soaure (c) 3rd/12th for CHE/avl, leaving 13th/16th available for Kane LEI & SUN or Aguero EVE & CPL.

    Injuries permitting, leaving me still 23 transfers into GW23 🙂


  2. Dan December 23, 2015 / 7:58 pm

    As a long term option who would you go for Alexis or Ozil, it’s a tough call


  3. ianp1970 December 23, 2015 / 9:22 pm

    As they play in different positions I guess it depends on the strengths of your team.


    • Dan December 23, 2015 / 11:19 pm

      Hmm Sanchez more goals but ozil assist King


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