Weekend Review gw22

I fairly nondescript week. None of the main fantasy contenders came in with significant returns and almost all the leading captaincy contenders misfired, with my defence harvesting a measly 3 points in total. The only player to perform was Alli with 12 points – which made up 1/3 of my total score. Despite the poor score, I somehow managed a small rank rise and I am actually fairly happy with the squad going forward.

My Team

Dawson, Nyom, Van Dijk
Ozil, De Bruyne, Ramsey, Alli, Mahrez
Kane, Lukaku (C)

Game week points: 36
Overall points: 1276
Overall rank: 200
Transfers remaining: 17/40
Money in the bank: 2.0mil

Aguero is staring at me laughing as he finally delivered a goal against Watford just when I loose faith. Im not looking to bring him back immediately but equally I won’t be stubborn if he starts firing. I will admit that I have considered removing Ramsey for him but I’m likely to keep faith in the Welsh man a little longer.

Someone asked me why I haven’t changed my defenders yet but despite this weeks poor score I still see them all as decent cheap options. Butland is the best goalie to have in my opinion, Dawson is part of a Pulis defence and a goal threat, Nyom is part of a mean Watford backline and picks up bonus points. The only one that I would consider ditching is Van Dijk but he’s staying for now given Southampton’s next couple of fixtures.

My Wachlist

There are a lot of good fantasy options at the moment but here are two that are flying slightly under the radar. Its unlikely I will bring either of these into my team next week as I don’t have room, but thought I would leave them here for anyone looking to draft in a midfielder.

Payet – great player with a cheap price (6.2) and well suited to the Sky game. I had him in my 11 at the start of the season and will look to bring him back in soon as West Ham have decent upcoming fixtures.

Arnautovic – he has somehow crept up to 3rd in the midfield rankings, has a low ownership (6%) and is dirt cheap (5.5).

SFFF League

David Barrett comes in with an impressive 62 points this week to make his way up the rankings into 5th spot. My lead is slowly slipping with Sebastian Laycock Van Spyk now only 34 points adrift.


I’m away again from this Saturday, this time off on a surf trip to Morocco for 10 days. I’ll have to hope they have internet out there so I can make my trades. Its unlikely I’ll get round to posting again until the end of January, so apologies for this.

If you’re looking for Sky discussions, head over to our facebook group






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