Last minute captaincy change

There are 3 possible options this week.

  1. Leave it on Aguero for next Tuesday (no captain today)
  2. Switch to Ozil. Chealsea today, then Southampton next Tuesday
  3. Switch to Lukaku. Home against Swansea, but he doesn’t play until gameday 2 next week

I had debated between options 1 & 2 but didn’t really like either option. Ozil doesn’t excite me as captain and has 2 difficult(ish) fixtures. Aguero is always close to an injury and with the next match in 10 days, I’d rather have points now. So I have decided option 3 is the way to go.

Although Lukaku doesn’t play until game day 2 next week (Wednesday) I will hopefully have banked some points this week and it leaves me a few options to play with next week:

1. Leave it on him for Newcastle on Wednesday (game day 2)
2. Make an early switch to Aguero against Sunderland (game day 1). This means I’m locked into Aguero and will miss Lukaku vs. Newc. Not so bad as Aguero plays Leiscester game day 1 the following week
3. Use a trade to bring in Payet as captain for Tuesday match against Villa. Then use another to bring Lukaku back in. This uses up a couple of trades but probably has the highest points potential


2 thoughts on “Last minute captaincy change

  1. ianp1970 January 24, 2016 / 8:43 pm

    Maybe I’m not as “au fait” with the technicalities of captains/transfers, but I would not be using 2 in this Gameweek just to have Payet (c) v Villa and Lukaku (c) v Newcastle.

    My preference is to keep the maximum transfers for Double Gameweeks later in the season. Last year I had 10 transfers for the last 6 weeks and it boosted my score umpteen-fold 🙂


    • Will aka The Sky Guru January 24, 2016 / 8:57 pm

      I tend to agree on Payet, looks like its probably not worth 2 trades but in general I actually think there is a bias from more experienced managers in holding onto transfers that I don’t agree with. All things being equal, transfers used towards the beginning of the season have a greater time period to be effective. Using trades in the last few weeks seems more like wasted transfers to me. So if I feel points are on offer, then I’m more than happy to use transfers as long as I have enough left to cover injuries.

      If you’re holding them for double gameweeks then that makes sense, but otherwise transfers have less potential to be effective the closer you get to gw40 (in my humble opinion)


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