ALL SET gw 27 (and gw26 review)

I was in a bit of a state on Tuesday evening after the Sky site went down a few hours before the deadline. Having waited to see the line ups, I still had the likes of De Bruyne in my team. With about 30 seconds to spare I got lucky and the app decided to work, others weren’t so fortunate. 

My Team

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.42.02.png

Gw 26 points: 69
Transfers remaining: 13/40
Money in the bank: 0.2mil

Overall it was a decent week. With just the one captain, I was happy to only drop 5 places. My shiny new toys had a mediocre start – despite Dann scoring, Palace conceded 2 and he got a yellow meaning he only bagged 4 points. Payet again looked good but failed to deliver more than a passing bonus even though he played against 10 man Villa.

Much to the frustration of Lukaku owners, not only did he get injured but Everton then got awarded 2 penalties meaning the highly owned Barkley grabbed a brace and MOTM award.


I decided to draft Fabregas in early. Those who saw my previous post will know I was thinking of bringing him in next week to replace Ozil as captain. I decided instead that an extra match was worth the earlier trade. He came in with 6 points, picking up passing and tackle bonus. Thats the beauty of Fabregas, he almost guaranteed between 4-6 ppg. Granted he’s not very exciting, but i’ll take the points.

Getting rid of Ozil was not an easy decision. Despite him scoring a measly 8 points since I had him (last 5 games), he looked threatening against Southampton and will no doubt get a haul against Bournemouth.


After already making 3 trades last week I was hoping to hold fire for a while but if Lukaku is injured I will swap him for Vardy. It was a trade I was planning to make in a few weeks anyway but I could be forced into it earlier than planned. That means I’ll be down to just 12 transfers remaining, so I’ll need to watch them over the coming weeks.

Captain Strategy 

Aguero plays host to Leicester in a top of the table clash. I’ll then switch the armband to Fabregas. This works out well as Chelsea have back to back home matches against Man United on Sunday followed by a juicy encounter against Newcastle the following Saturday. I expect Fabregas to churn out 8-12 points (x 2 as captain) from bonus alone. Hopefully he can throw in an assist or two to boot.

SFFF League

Eoin O Sullivan bagged 87 points this week helped by clean sheets from the whole of his defence moving him up to 11th place in what is becoming a highly competitive league. You can view the league or sign up here.

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4 thoughts on “ALL SET gw 27 (and gw26 review)

  1. ianp1970 February 7, 2016 / 9:11 am

    So got a bit of fortune yesterday with Lukaku still being captain. Brought in VVD for Nyom and Alli for KDB this week too, so have 21 Transfers and 1.7M ITB.

    Should I trade Lukaku for a Chelsea MF today, leaving a possibility of Ramsey/Ozil to Vardy/Sanchez in a fortnight?


    • Will aka The Sky Guru February 7, 2016 / 9:51 am

      Good week for you! How about Lukaku > Sanchez? Means you can switch the captain to anyone playing on Saturday?

      Or you could use your captain swap to Ozil then trade him out for a Chelsea mid for Saturday. This gives Lukaku another week against a poor West Brom before you trade him out for Vardy / Sanchez?

      All decent options, including your original plan. I’d go for the last one personally


  2. ianp1970 February 7, 2016 / 2:20 pm

    Can also swap captain back to Lukaku Saturday, then transfer out for Sanchez/Vardy on Sunday.


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