Weekend Review gw 28

A scintillating weekend of football filled with top of the table encounters saw my team bring home a score of 72 and manage to climb to 60 in the overall rankings. Fabregas captain, Payet and Van Dijk the main reasons for my highest position yet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 16.42.23

My patience was finally rewarded as the delightfully bewildering Payet brought home a goal, assist and MOTM award. Hopefully he can push on from here as he doesn’t seem to be in many of the top teams.

Elsewhere my 2 Leicester trades had mixed fortunes with Vardy bringing home a goal but Fuchs earning a slightly unfortunate -1. Fuchs still looks like a good bet in the coming weeks and I’m happy he’s in the squad.

Slight concern over another Butland blank but with Shawcross back soon, good upcoming fixtures and a guaranteed game in gameweek 30, i’ll hold onto him for now. I also prefer not to trade stoppers if it can be avoided.


Barkley – I watched the match against West Brom and have no idea how Barkley and Everton didn’t score. He looked by far their biggest threat and has had the most shots (22) in the last 4 gameweeks – that is 8 more than the next highest midfielder! With Everton having a blank up next, this is obviously not the time to bring him – but the blank also means that Everton will have an extra game in future. Given Barkley is highly owned, he is definitely one to watch.

Ozil – The mercurial German has been a frustrating player for me this year, coming in for 5 weeks and blanking in each one, which seem to be his only blanks in recent memory. I almost transfered him back in on Sunday morning for Fabregas but decided to hold fire given the upcoming uncertainly regarding fixtures.

Costa – in form, playing for a team in form and with decent fixtures. Need I say more?

SFFF League

A big score of 79 saw Paul Jones top the weekly rankings and move up to 9th overall. If you’re yet to join, you can here

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One thought on “Weekend Review gw 28

  1. ianp1970 February 15, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    50 points this week:

    Hennessey, Wayne 0
    Fuchs, Christian -1
    Cathcart, Craig 1
    van Dijk, Virgil 12
    Ramsey, Aaron 3
    Alli, Dele 2
    Ozil, Mesut 7
    Mahrez, Riyad 2
    Aguero, Sergio 2
    Kane, Harry 7
    Vardy, Jamie (c) 14

    2.5M ITB and 19 Transfers left.

    Early plan is to keep the armband on Vardy for NOR/WBA then switch to Aguero for liv/AVL.

    Really want to swap Hennessy out too, but is is worth using a TF for a keeper?


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