ALL SET gw32

Its the week of blanks. Some careful planning means I have a pretty health squad and it looks like most of you are similarly well prepared, with just 25% on 7 or less players this week.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 07.43.46.png

Transfers remaining 10/40
0.7 in the bank


I’m almost certainly going to move Fabregas out for Siggurdsson, but I’m stalling on the move as I’m still not 100% sure I want to use a transfer. I posted a poll earlier in the week and its in deadlock, with 50% saying I should make the move.

There are other options this week as well with Payet facing a blank followed by tough fixtures. Yaya Toure looks a good bet to bring in with form and fixtures – he’s been an old Sky favourite of mine with his tendency to pick up bonus points.

Captaincy plan

I’m going with Aguero (nor) > Mahrez (NEW). This works out well as Mahrez sqaures up to Palace the following Saturday. The other option here is to spend a transfer and get 3 captaincies with Spurs playing a woeful Villa on Sunday. I probably would have considered this if I didn’t already own Kane.

Mahrez over Vardy? I have watched the last couple of Leicester games and Mahrez just looks more threatening. He also looks the best player on the pitch, making him prime candidate for those all important MOTM awards. The negatives against him are that he can get subbed early and is no longer on pens. Vardy is of course a great option and I think most top managers will go for him, as he is the safer choice.

So if you’re going for a Leicester captain, who’s your man?




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