Well, that was an interesting gameweek…

It was a week of fails on the captain front. The gameweek couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start with my captain Aguero benched, especially unlucky in hindsight considering he didn’t even start in the Nou Camp on Wednesday either – so wasn’t being rested for that. Of course we all know how Aguero’s sub appearance turned out, a missed penalty and a -4 captaincy, great start. Saturday was otherwise unremarkable with just an assist from Sanchez brightening the picture.

Sunday was something of an improvement, Holebas coming out of nowhere to get a goal, clean sheet and bonus for 16 very welcome points – (he can consider himself very unlucky not to get the MoM award to) those 16 points more than doubled my Saturday score. I opted to captain Dusan Tadic in a good home fixture but it was frustration all round, 7 shots (4 on target), 6 key passes and a dominating performance returned just 6 points as captain. Won’t be scared to captain him again in the future on this showing.

Monday night saw me captain Bobby Firmino in a match which saw basically nothing happen. He did sneak a tackle bonus though so all wasn’t lost. Scoring just 44 points I thought the damage would’ve been much worse but a drop of around 100 places isn’t the end of the world.


Gameweek Points: 44
Season Points: 626
Overall Position: 230
Transfers Remaining: 30

My Team

Whilst I’m relatively happy with my team, I think I’m going to make a double change this week in order to pounce on Theo Walcott’s form. I can move out Petr Cech & Etienne Capoue and bring in Tom Heaton & Theo, and that’s likely what I’ll do. Walcott looks a completely different player this season – he is unquestionably nailed on, which he hasn’t been in the past & the positions he’s getting in in the box are likely to wield more points going forward. Whilst I would never usually make a Goalkeeper change unless forced to, Cech to Heaton saves me a huge chunk of cash which can be used elsewhere, and Heaton seems to be hoovering up save points even when not keeping clean sheets. It also allows me to have a formidable looking midfield – Sterling, Walcott, Tadic, Gueye & Firmino so I think it’s worth the gamble.

These transfers would take me down to 28 remaining though, is this too many used at this stage? How many transfers do you have remaining?

Captain Plan

It seems like an easy one this week, Alexis Sanchez is on fire at the moment with 3 goals, 2 assists and a MoM in his last 4, he’s the standout choice for Saturday’s fixtures for me. Sunday I’ll make the switch to Sergio Aguero and I don’t think I will be alone…he should be well-rested after cameos in City’s last two. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get another penalty!

What are your plans for the week? Leave a comment below

Elephant in the room..

Hi all,

The international break is finally over and we have 3 matchdays of football to look forward to. Both Sergio Aguero and Alexis Sanchez have played more minutes than many would have liked over the break, but I won’t be letting that worry me too much heading into a couple of excellent fixtures…

Season Points: 582
Overall position: 119
Transfers remaining: 31


My Team

I’m pretty happy with my team for the week, I have 3 solid captain choices available across the week and the rest my team have decent enough fixtures. There is an elephant in the room though in the considerable frame of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. My lack of Arsenal cover has reached the red zone and I feel like I have to make a move this week, given their next 3 are Swansea (H), Boro (H) and Sunderland (A). In that time Ibrahimovic faces trips to Liverpool (A) and Chelsea (A) before a solid looking home fixture against Burnley – none of which require him as a captaincy option. So I’m likely to bring in Sanchez, who I expect to start this week, tomorrow morning. I also think Theo Walcott is an excellent option at the moment for those looking for cover without the funds to splash on Sanchez.

Captain Strategy

It’s a pretty simple route this week for me. Aguero will lead the charge on Saturday, some may have doubts about his fitness or worries about potential rotation but I don’t think it’s worth the gamble to look elsewhere. When Aguero is fit he starts, there may be the odd exception but I don’t think this week will be one of them, even with Barcelona to come in midweek. I think at this stage it’s about managing risk with captaincies, and it would be a huge one to take it away from Aguero at home.

Saturday will see the armband move to Dusan Tadic, for a good looking fixture against Burnley. With a goal and a MoM bonus in his last two and a MoM/2 assist performance for Serbia in midweek he’s clearly in excellent form. I don’t think it will be long before he starts hoovering up the MoM awards.

Monday night is another easy decision with Firmino in what I think could be a high scoring game at Anfield. As I said in my column last week, I think it’s essential to ensure you have a captain for every matchday – this will be how the bulk of my remaining 30 transfers will likely be used.

On the radar

Adam Smith (DEF) – 1 goal, 1 clean sheet & 2 bonus in his last 4, not exactly been pulling up trees so far but 3 home fixtures in the next 4 make him a good budget option if you’re looking to downgrade or guarantee minutes at just 5.8.

Theo Walcott (MID) – 2 goals, an assist & 4 bonus in his last 4, Arsenal’s fixtures could well warrant a double up with Sanchez, otherwise a reasonably priced route in at 9.4.

Heung-Min Son (FWD) – 4 goals, 3 MoM bonus and an assist in his last 4. Threatened by Kane’s imminent return but should retain a place somewhere in the forward line, something of a bargain at 9.3.

Time to say goodbye

Leighton Baines (DEF) – 1 clean sheet and 4 bonus coupled with two no-shows in the last 4, with 3 away fixtures in the next 4, I think at 7.3 you’re overpaying for a player no longer on penalties and seemingly more injury prone than ever before.

Riyad Mahrez (MID) – Just 1 assist to show for his last 4 matches, at 11.0 it’s time to move him on, especially given the amount of midfield options on fire at the moment.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (FWD) – Incredibly still in 37% of teams despite only scoring 1 in the last 4. At 12.2 and with Costa & Sanchez proving much more enticing options it’s surely time to bite the bullet and move him on.

How is your team looking for the week? What’s your captain plan – leave a comment below!


A Hello from Me…

Hi folks,

I’m delighted to say that Will has offered to let me run this forum in his absence and I’ll be putting up weekly posts about the Sky game, hopefully continuing on the great work Will has done in the past few years. I know Will’s posts have helped many of us and I hope mine can do the same.

A little bit of background, I’m Lewis, I’ve been playing the Sky game for 4 or 5 seasons now, with some pretty solid results; a top 50 overall finish in 14/15 the clear highlight. Last season wasn’t quite so good but I think last season was one of the most difficult ever with so few players performing outside of the obvious (that all the leaders already had!). You’ll find me on the Sky Fantasy Football Forum on Facebook as well as @lewinick on Twitter.

This is how my team is looking at the moment:

Season Points: 582
Overall position: 119
Transfers remaining: 31
















My season so far:

Overall I’m obviously very happy with the way things have gone. I’ve never had such a fast start in the Sky game and I have the new captaincy rules are mostly to thank for that:

GWK 1: Aguero 14, Ibra 14, Hazard 26
GWK 2: Ibra 34, Aguero 28,  Payet 0GWK 3: Ibra 2, Aguero 2
GWK 5: Ibra 16, Hazard 2, Lukaku 50
GWK 6: Hazard 4, Sterling 26, Kane 22
GWK 7: Aguero 34, Tadic 20, Holebas -2
GWK 8: Lukaku 14, Firmino 22, Ibra 6

As you can see from the above I’ve struck nicely at least 2 of 3 captains per week aside from GWK3. Those captain performances in partnership with solid scores from ever-presents, Fuchs, Cech and Gueye have set my team up nicely.

I’m pretty happy with most of the moves I’ve made so far, particularly gambling on Sterling (c) in GWK6, and spending a vanity transfer on Firmino (c) at the last minute in GWK8 when I had been set to go with Capoue (c). What have been your best moves of the season so far?

With 9 transfers used I’m hoping my team will remain settled over the coming weeks up until the busy Christmas period where there are always injuries and some rotation to deal with. In an ideal world my GK & 3 DEF will all stay fit and I won’t spend many more transfers there, I’ve luckily only had to use one there so far, Holebas in for the inevitably dropped Nsue. My main area of concern for now is Arsenal coverage – more on that next week.

I definitely feel that the new captaincy rules make transfers less valuable this season, since we don’t necessarily need to spend them to move captains in & out. I will aim to have a captain on every single matchday going forward, though Stoke v Swansea on 31/10 may be the exception to that. What’s your captain strategy going to be going forward? More from me on this in my GWK preview next week.

How have you starts been? Leave a comment below…

I’ll be back in the middle of next week, when this hellish International break is over…

GW6 – Romelu

After pondering several Aguero replacements, last week I opted for Aguero > Antonio for Saturday followed by Noble > Lukaku on Monday. Having both as captain they combined to score a tidy 82 points as I my team jumped into the top 500. This was despite slipping back to 3,500 after Costa grabbed a brace on Sunday – demonstrating just how volatile rank movements can be at this stage of the season. Continue reading