SKY Fantasy Football Forum is moving!

Calling all Sky Fantasy Football Players!

As some of you may already know, I have been working on a fancy pants new site called Fantasy Football Hub. This site is geared towards all types on fantasy football games, including FPL. Fear not though, as we will be providing you lucky lot with a host of awesome Sky articles, podcasts, groups, and so much more. Here is who we have signed up as Sky contributors to ensure that the site does not become a feed of FPL rate my teams (I’ll be in my grave before this ever happens!):

Luke Williams

Experienced writer and podcaster, Luke has one of the best (if not the best?) records around in the Sky game.

Dan Cox

Overall winner of last year’s Sky and simply way too good at fantasy football money games. He’ll be making weekly contributions on Sun Dream Team, occasional ones on SKY and managing the community hub.

Mark Edworthy

Excellent writer and podcaster, Mark is getting a reputation for his expertise and skill on both Sky and FPL.

Lewis Nicklin

Regular readers will recognise Lewis brilliantly stepping in for me last year, which saw him storm to heady heights in the Sky overall rankings.


Coming 3rd last year in Sky, Niall knows his onions when it comes to fantasy football. He’ll be providing brilliant and insightful Sky articles that make you think.


Genius with numbers and statistics, Carl looks set to be giving you deep dive stats articles that will help you climb the ranks. He’s also set to expand and explain his super clever Sky Prediction tool.

Paul Ferris

A sports enthusiast and top SKY manager, Paul brings with him a wealth of IT support to help behind the scenes.

Will Thomas

Oh, and then there’s me. I’ll be rambling on about stuff now and again and continuing my weekly SKY blogs.

There’s more…

We won’t just be producing Sky articles. We will have a brand new social platform dedicated to fantasy football.

Sign up and join here:

If you are after my regular Sky diary piece, you can find it on my author page here: 

Site is set to officially launch tomorrow (Sunday 3rd September 2017), but thought I’d give my followers on here a heads-up first.

See you over there!


GW3 – Crashing back down to earth

After last week’s super start, I was only going to go one way in the ranks… down. Maybe crashing back down is a little harsh, but lets just say it was a bumpy landing.

By the way this post is going to be super short as I’m working on an exciting project (see the end) Continue reading